Crossroads Baptist Church
875 Norway Avenue   ~   Huntington, WV  25705  ~  (304) 523-3693
Crossroads Baptist Church had its beginning on October 9, 1955. Ninety
two members chartered the Church and it was designated as Crossroads
educational section of the building was built in 1956, the main auditorium
was added in 1966. A gym also serving as a fellowship hall was added in
been well maintained.

The Church presently helps in the support of 46 missionaries and
missions with an annual missions budget of $38,000. The missionaries
are representing the Lord Jesus Christ through the aide of the Church
around the world. The constitution of the church was drafted shortly after
being chartered and it calls for the use of the King James Version of the
Bible by all preachers and teachers. The church does not believe the KJV
to be the original manuscripts but is of the opinion that it is the preserved
Word of God for English speaking people.